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What is the G Series?
Get available coupons and special promotions – To help athletes get the most out of their performance, scientists from Gatorade created a line of products supported by the latest science and developed in collaboration with some of the world’s greatest athletes to provide fuel, fluid and nutrients before, during and after activity. The G Series was formulated to meet the specific sports performance needs of the competitive athlete.

Does an athlete need all three occasion products to maximize the benefits?
Each of the products in G Series is designed to work individually and target athletic need states around three different occasions – before, during and after a workout or competition.

For example, Gatorade Prime beverage or chews will help enhance an athlete’s performance by making carbohydrate energy rapidly available to the muscles at the start of activity.

Consuming Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2 during activity will help replace fluid lost in sweat and provide carbohydrate energy to fuel working muscles.

Gatorade Recover beverage or shake helps promote muscle recovery to help athletes get their bodies ready for their next workout or competition.

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Would an NFL linebacker use and consume the same amount of G Series products as a high school gymnast?
The G Series products are formulated for all types of athletes. Which G Series products they use and how much they consume ultimately depends on fluid losses, carbohydrate energy and protein recovery needs that are specific to those athletes.

Are lower and zero calorie sports drink options something you’ll consider in the future?
Since the target is the competitive athlete, Gatorade believes, and science supports, that athletes need calories in the form of carbohydrates to help fuel working muscles during training and competition. However, from their extensive research, Gatorade also knows that different athletes have different hydration and fuel needs.

Gatorade Thirst Quencher is the most thoroughly researched sports beverage in the world providing athletes an electrolyte blend that ensures optimal hydration and carbohydrate energy (50 calories per 8 oz.) to fuel working muscles.

G2 is a low-calorie option with less than half the calories (20 calories per 8 oz.) and all the hydration benefits of Gatorade Thirst Quencher.

How is G Series Recover beverage different from other sports nutrition recovery products like Muscle Milk, Accelerade, EAS powder formulas, whey protein or chocolate milk?
Gatorade Recover beverage is the first protein and carbohydrate beverage with the consistency of a thirst quencher to help promote muscle recovery after exercise. It is also lower in calories for those who want the protein and hydration benefits but want to save the calories to be met at the next meal.

What’s G Series Recover shake?
G Series Protein Recovery Shake delivers an effective amount of protein that contains essential amino acids needed to help support muscle rebuilding after training or competition. The Recovery Shake, available in vanilla or chocolate, provides 20 grams of protein and should be consumed as soon as possible after exercise for maximum muscle benefit.

What is G Series PRO?
G Series PRO is a line of unique sports nutrition products for the most nutritionally sophisticated and elite or performance caliber athletes. These products are designed to meet the nutrition needs of elite athletes at the most critical times for their performance–before, during and after a workout, practice, competition or endurance event.All were developed by Gatorade scientists working with some of the best athletes to provide the fuel, fluids and nutrients these athlete need and want.